Puking Rainbows

August 6th, 2006 blogger Roger Barr added a blogpost on his website I-mockery, about his visit to a Japanese supermarket in L.A. In the candy section the wrappings was so colorful that Barr said it looked like a rainbow had thrown up all over the snack section. He thought this idea was so funny that he encouraged people to send in pictures of puking rainbows for his blog. The interest was so overwhelming that he decided to create a very own website, rainbowpuke.com, for this phenomena, only ten days later.

All over the internet you can find blogs and imageboard sites with puking rainbows. At Virginia Commonwealth University an art teacher gave his students an art assignment based on the theme puking rainbows. Check out this link for the results. You can also buy t-shirts on merchandise sites, with different images of puking rainbows, animals puking rainbows and stick figures puking rainbows.

A meme that have emerged from this is rainbow puking animals and other puking figures.

Here is a link to Google Insights for the search “rainbow puke”. The popularity was at it’s highest August 2008, and February 2011. It’s still a popular search, but it have been declining the last months.

(Post made by Marie Gjessing, Beate Bjoernstad, Christine R. Evensen, John Robin Christoffersen, and Synne Danielsen)

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